Welcome to Buxton Training Enterprises Limited

We hope your visit to our site is useful and helps you find everything you need.  We at Buxton Training Enterprises Limited (BTE Ltd) are committed to providing the highest quality service for students and schools and will do all we can to meet and surpass your expectations.

We believe that all of our students deserve every chance to succeed and every staff member is committed to ensuring that those chances are taken and maximised.

We work with schools from right across the County. We are proud of the relationships that we have built up and we do our utmost to ensure that these stay strong and fruitful for everyone concerned.

The qualifications that we deliver are nationally recognised and can enhance your school’s attainment table. Cutting edge resources and small class sizes ensure that students maximise their potential and achieve the highest standards.

Our premises (including a fully functioning hair salon) are frequently modernised to ensure that students are always supplied with the very best facilities.

To ensure we provide the highest standards we work closely with the following partners: