About us

Buxton Training Enterprises Limited (BTE Ltd) is based in Arnold and works with schools from all areas of the County and City. We work predominantly with students from years 9 to 11 and offer a varied package for Alternative Provision.

We are equipped with classrooms with the latest ICT facilities and a fully functional hairdressing salon and beauty parlour.

Fully Functional Modern salon

The courses that we offer are varied and can be altered into packages that will suit the needs of both the student and the school. All packages are tailor made to suit the students, schools and families requirements. Days in attendance will vary depending on the qualifications students wish to study.

Lisa studying for test

Through the application of targeted resources and the ethos of the company, students are able to work at their own pace where they are not pressured or constrained by other students. We believe strongly in making the environment and resources fit the needs of the student and not vice versa.

Our vast experiences of working with students who are not always engaged in mainstream education, continues to teach us new skills that enable us to make our learning environment conducive to students that can display the most challenging behaviour. We strongly believe that “Every Child Matters”.

We operate an open door policy for schools, and parents/carers to ensure that the learning experience of the students is shared and that a sense of partnership and belonging is fostered.

At BTE Ltd we take pride in the fact that no student leaves us without a clear progression into work, training or Further Education. Anything else is simply not acceptable.